Verification Services

可靠性实验 Verification Services
失效分析通常包括: 失效分析断面切片; 染色起拔; 焊点强度; 扫描电镜; 超声扫描; X射线等。失效分析在指导产品技术开发,完善生产工艺和流程,提高产品质量及仲裁失效事故等方面起到重要作用。我们拥有多年的失效分析经验,拥有专业化的分析、检测队伍。可以为客户提供相应的技术服务
Today product safety has become standard and is no longer a competitive differentiator in the price war. All customers expect the goods they buy to be free of safety risks but with imported products offered at very attractive prices you can’t always be sure.
How you afford yourself to do only what is compulsory? How show the world that your product is good? We can provide with you verification services of protocol testing, pre-purchase testing, inspection, reliability and performance testing  
to prove that your product not only fulfils the basic applicable  requirements, but also achieves high performance and most efficiency;  
to send a signal to customers and prospects that quality is the major focus of your company;
to save money by not allowing design mistakes to affect your reputation and position on the market;
to substantiate your claims to retailers that your product is one of the best.